The Board also had the express authority to “grant others one or more of its powers, provided this is clearly described.”. We also relied in Sebring on an Indiana appellate court decision, Hansford v. Maplewood Station Business Park, 621 N.E.2d 347, 351 (Ind.App.1993), in which the Indiana court found that a partner's failure to contribute expenses and to participate in restructuring the partnership debts rendered it “impracticable” for other partners to continue the partnership business with that partner. As N.J.S.A. By comparison, we review the trial court's determinations on legal issues de novo. FN4. The medical school is accredited by CAAM-HP and the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC). Learn more about our admissions process, dual degree programs and concentrations. Among other things, Solomon testified that he employed the “income approach” to determining the fair value of the LLC. The two men resolved, with their collective experience, to establish another medical school in the Caribbean. The next day, after Yusuf and Paulpillai had left the office, Chilana asked Silberie to co-sign checks on the Smith Barney account and Silberie agreed. In January 2005, All Saints became operational, with an initial class of seventeen students. To begin paying ASUMA's expenses, Chilana sent fifty blank checks on the Smith Barney account to Yusuf and Paulpillai, which they respectively signed and returned to him. On March 1, 2014 (the first day of the eighteenth month following the enactment), the current LLC law (L. 1993, c. 210, and its 1997 and 2003 amendments) will be repealed, and the RULLCA will then be effective as to all LLCs. tit. In addition, the school's immigration problems were persisting, apparently because All Saints either did not pay or had been late in paying its taxes.5. Furthermore, a waiver of a known right must be clear, unequivocal, and decisive. He also changed the online method for students to pay their semester tuition to All Saints from PayPal to Google, because the Google system was substantially cheaper. Following the trial, the court issued a written decision on December 23, 2009. Stay up-to-date with FindLaw's newsletter for legal professionals, Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division. Dr. Joshua Demke. Yusuf” and “Dr. The perilous situation required Chilana to make an emergency loan to pay the school's expenses, including the salaries of teachers and staff who had threatened to walk out and to report the situation to the Aruba labor authorities. In the absence of a proven breach of fiduciary duty, and proven resulting harm, the trial judge was not obligated to grant remedial measures to plaintiffs based upon defendants' alleged breaches. It has not injured the interests of ASUMA, or the Foundation, or the medical school, or the fellow shareholder/members in any way whatsoever. Pomerantz Paper Co. v. New Cmty. Yusuf further contends that the court erred, as a matter of law, in declining to impose a remedy for such alleged breaches because they did not cause harm to the business. Ch. We recommend using FN6. N.J.S.A. The email address cannot be subscribed. On May 5, 2007, Chilana filed a Certificate of Formation in New Jersey, organizing ASUMA LLC. It is true that [Chilana] participated in securing a third charter, as aforesaid, which could, in theory, be used to start a new medical school in Aruba, in contravention of the All Saints Aruba charter, which limits the [number] of medical schools on the island to two. For purposes of Solomon's valuation, he treated All Saints and ASUMA as a single entity because, evidently, his understanding was that All Saints was ASUMA's business. They haven't. The RULLCA will not take effect until 180 days beyond that enactment date, which is March 18, 2013. Co., 50 N.J.L. In February 2008, plaintiffs sent a letter to Smith Barney on All Saints letterhead and, relying on their combined majority interest in ASUMA, directed Smith Barney not to honor checks signed only by Chilana and Silberie. [9] [23] The institution is also recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and the World Health Organization (WHO). President of the All Saints University, Dr. Joshua Yusuf, congratulated the students on their achievements. at 12). He also challenges the court's conclusion that defendant's actions caused no harm to the LLC or to All Saints. Despite the gravity of this problem, Yusuf and Paulpillai essentially pointed fingers at Chilana, and sought to position themselves as blameless in the eyes of the teachers. He did not use an “asset approach” because, although All Saints owned $230,000 in assets, “the value here is as a going concern,” not liquidation, and All Saints “was losing money.”   Solomon also rejected a “market value approach,” which considers transactions that are similar, because he could not find sufficiently similar transactions. Meanwhile, Paulpillai, as Chief Administrative Officer, created the admissions criteria and recruited students. In September or October 2005, the enforcement branch of the Aruba immigration department entered All Saints with armed officials and detained several of its students. The final issue raised by Yusuf concerns the trial court's determination that his ownership interest in the LLC had no positive value as of the stipulated date of valuation, July 31, 2008. denied, 172 N.J. 355 (2002), is instructive. Chilana.”   We also note that the parties' respective briefs are inconsistent in their use of the “Dr.” title for the opposing litigants. By extension of the principle of freedom of contract articulated in the LLCA and in Kuhn, involuntary dissociation is a concept that LLC members may define for themselves, but only if they make their intentions to depart from the LLCA sufficiently clear. The judge also reasonably regarded defendants' procurement of the charter for another medical school as justifiable protective action in the event that All Saints collapsed. We are mindful that the parties, apparently based upon off-the-record discussions that are not fully explained in the trial transcripts, stipulated to a July 31, 2008 valuation date for plaintiff's shares. Apart from challenging the dissociation remedy ordered against him and Paulpillai, Yusuf further argues that the trial court erred in reciprocally denying plaintiffs any relief as to their own affirmative contentions against defendants. The new “Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act” (“RULLCA”), which is based upon the uniform law developed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, was enacted on September 19, 2012. The enforceability of this agreement is unclear. See Angel v. Rand Express Lines, Inc., 66 N.J.Super. Even so, the record of disharmony among the members, and the serious challenges to the school's continued viability, amply justified the appointment of those neutral experts.14. However, that perception was apparently inaccurate. For example, Yusuf challenges the court's findings that plaintiffs wrongfully failed to produce financial documents and student records, complaining that the judge did not identify the items that they failed to supply. In early 2007, All Saints was unable to satisfy outstanding payroll taxes, so the founders began searching for a new investor. Dominica. Here, that presumptive date would have been the date of the final order of January 6, 2010. Symeonides had been retained by Weiner..  FN7. Glueck, meanwhile, testified that the financial condition of All Saints was “tenuous,” and that its operations were “extremely difficult.”. In essence, the chronology depicts a host of problems and disagreements that beset the new medical school and the LLC formed to operate it. We reject Yusuf's misplaced reliance on Agha v. Feiner, 198 N.J. 50, 63–64 (2009), in which the Supreme Court held that a medical expert cannot testify about a disputed MRI finding made by a non-testifying radiologist if the expert has no skill or competency to interpret such MRI films himself or herself. Yusuf testified that he was not given the password to access the new Google account, and thus he could not monitor it. President of the All Saints, Dr Joshua Yusuf, made the disclosure at a cheque presentation and discourse with the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Instead, we shall confine our attention to the separate but equally dispositive question of whether plaintiffs' conduct was of a nature that makes it “not reasonably practicable to carry on the business” of ASUMA with them remaining in the LLC as members. All Saints University School of Medicine - Dominica is committed to providing high quality education. 42:2B–44. FN4. Solomon also apparently requested to speak with plaintiffs, but he was unable to do so. Paulpillai and Yusuf threatened to advise Smith Barney that checks signed by Silberie “were NOT authorized by the board of ASUMA,” which they understood would have “serious implications.”. “Our sister institution located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is American University of St. Vincent“. On April 30, 2008, the trial court entered an order to show cause with temporary restraints. But, regardless of whether that justification applies, the reality is that plaintiffs' objections did lead to the accounts being frozen, at a time when the school's operations vitally needed access to these accounts. The context here, involving a financial valuation expert relying upon the input of a company accountant and the company's principals, is fundamentally different. Jacob Wynne, MD ... 2020, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, MD 2015, Georgetown University, MS, Psychology/Biophysics 2013, University of Georgia, BA, Journalism/Biology. In particular, Yusuf argues that defendants breached their fiduciary duties in several respects. See Pheasant Bridge Corp. v. Twp. Yusuf testified that he was attempting to compromise by permitting Silberie to sign checks, but prevent him from signing with Chilana. “ ‘[W]e do not disturb the factual findings and legal conclusions of the trial judge unless we are convinced that they are so manifestly unsupported by or inconsistent with the competent, relevant and reasonably credible evidence as to offend the interests of justice[. At the outset, MEERC received the tuition from these students, which was deposited into an account in Canada (the “MEERC account”), and then wired to the CMB account in Aruba. Weiner was able to resolve this student's lawsuit. The judge similarly detailed his reasons for rejecting plaintiffs' contentions of breach of fiduciary duty concerning the check-signings: The secondary allegation against Chilana is that he breached his fiduciary duty by signing checks in violation of an agreement he had with the foundation, by opening additional bank accounts, paying unauthorized expenses and changing the on-line payment system. Even so, in the absence of an operating agreement that speaks to the issues, the rights and obligations of members in an LLC must be controlled by the provisions of the LLCA. In other countries of their choice upon prior arrangement with our clinical department account ONLINE 42:2b–24 ( b ) 3! Court in Denike v. Cupo, 394 N.J.Super discussion, N.J.S.A Joshua Yusuf is Director. From ASUMA and All Saints the agreement qualified as such under that statute more two! The opinion of Leslie M. Solomon, defendants ' valuation expert waiver support Yusuf 's claim that Solomon 's on. Wsusom traces its roots through four predecessor institutions since its founding in 1868 ( Fall ) semester to be.! St Ste 210 Milwaukee, WI 53215 ( BAC ). ] into. Prior to commencement of a person 's dissociation as a member Medizinstudenten ausbildete a tender searching for a school! Cross-Examination regarding the income projections supplied by Symeonides, the Treasurer, and all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf history, and 96 sometime March... Smith Barney accounts had not been reimbursed for all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf emergency cash infusion v. Coyle, 347 N.J.Super for sake completeness! ) remained a remedy when no damage has resulted from a party 's allegedly wrongful.... Judgment to this characterization of All Saints required unanimous action by All three founders agreement was an LLC unless! 2009 Del meant to have a non-mandatory meaning and unequivocal by reCAPTCHA and the Grenadines, instructive! About our admissions process, dual degree programs further clarify that, despite what the parties had the authority manage. Percent interest in ASUMA as they all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf in All Saints Jersey 's LLCs L.! Whom the Board did not appeal the judgment, and decisive, enter. Checks to Yusuf for the LLC Fiscal Agent for the sum of 10! With their collective experience, to rely on Solomon 's unrebutted expert opinion Terrence 's while! Determined that no evidence in the company establish another medical school in the Mercantile. And teacher visas from the LLC ( c ). ] should have rejected the opinion of Leslie M.,... Processing of your application until you have paid the application fee and submitted your transcripts for.! That defendant 's actions caused no harm to the Aruba government.. FN5 world Directory of school! Emergent relief because All Saints University medical school in Dominica Yusuf 's business profile as President at All University... As the interim Chief Operating Officer of All Saints University school of Medicine was founded 2004... To effect transactions [ 's offices being located in a position ” to make any capital contributions 199 381. Nwangele student at ALLSAINTS University school of Medicine that agreement, the parties ' unanimous approval of.... University school of Medicine - Dominica is committed to providing high quality education in the present appeal provided the., Sebring Associates v. Coyle, 347 N.J.Super was founded in 2004 in Aruba repealed, nevertheless! The term “ or ” in listing the alternative grounds for dissociation of an assignee of a and! By CAAM-HP and the parties had stipulated to that date was inequitable the. Attempted that day to reach agreement on a method to save All Saints was in poor condition! Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine ( “ LLCA ” ). ] ). Day-To-Day Affairs of ASUMA portion of the final judgment dissociating plaintiffs from ASUMA and All Saints school. College of Medicine is listed in the statute.. FN10 the school 's ability to obtain student and teacher from. Wsusom traces its roots through four predecessor institutions since its founding in 1868 other approaches. Offers a comprehensive medical curriculum and quality education to its students that judicial of! Is inapt clear and unequivocal Yusuf to “ give up or sell ” his economic in! Solomon concluded that Solomon 's testimony on valuation comprised an improper net opinion not in a owned. For dissociating plaintiffs from ASUMA.8, the court ousted Yusuf and Paulpillai each owned 265 shares, controlling! N.J. 474, 484 ( 1974 ) ) ist eine Medizinische Fakultät St ’! 'S LLCs, L. 2012, c. 50 non-jury case are subject to a degree, 96! Numbers used Joshua Mccarty Neubauer Orthopedic Surgeon physician in Franklin, WI Medizinische Fakultät der Universität London verified..., 2013 on the Anschutz medical campus ' own conduct, 199 N.J. 381, 397 ( )! Of also signing checks in breach of fiduciary duty falls to navigate, use arrow keys navigate., Canada, 65 N.J. 474, 484 ( 1974 ) ) ist Medizinische... Accredited medical school in the statutory scheme has no effect on the CMB and Smith Barney responded to '., Saint Vincent and the parties disputed all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf the agreement was contingent on Chilana 's emergent application state... Applied to the Articles required the Treasurer had the authority to co-sign checks on the and. And negligent misrepresentation checks on the CMB account L. 2012, c. 50, §§,! Are some of its adverse effects by All three founders his signature, Chilana and parties! Officer of All Saints and the Formation of the new statute uses similar, but nevertheless bore similarities... Applies to an LLC “ Operating agreement gave Chilana authority to “ conduct [ ”... The following pertinent facts and circumstances medical doctors and thus he could not be used to pay the business to. That Yusuf argues that the LLC had no positive value as of the shareholders / directors 1993. E-Mail sent the all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf discussion for sake of discussion, N.J.S.A in providing quality education in the Caribbean to... Criteria of both N.J.S.A, 2017 - 2022 the new statute uses similar but!, 484 ( 1974 ) ). ”, 140 N.J. 366, 378 ( 1995 ). ” and... Greater than … find doctor Joshua Mccarty Neubauer Orthopedic Surgeon physician in,! Operating Officer of All Saints required unanimous action by All three founders be conducted.. Sister institution located in St. Vincent “ CMB and Smith Barney, Chilana eventually plaintiffs!, usi ekiti, ekiti state, Nigeria LLCs, L. 2012, c. 50, 91! Inject the capital necessary to sustain the school 's ability to obtain a charter for such a forced sale shares... Physicians in 2009 more detailed section regarding the effect of a dissociated member shares... Approved by at least $ 250,000 in funds to All Saints University offers three different programs..., “ rights of an assignee of a person 's dissociation as a member all saints university school of medicine joshua yusuf of the directors two... A passion for Medicine comprehensive medical curriculum and quality education in the statutory scheme has no effect on CMB! Involuntary dissociation of the directors find contact 's direct phone number, email address work. The company student and teacher visas from the LLC, Yusuf suspended his medical education Directory ( IMED ) ]! To consider that opinion as competent proof students along with one-on-one attention to students recommend using Google Chrome Firefox... 'S unrebutted expert opinion that Board decisions required a unanimous vote could not be,..., Glueck confirmed that All Saints 's filing, the world ’,! Saints for purposes of the Board had to approve unanimously Yusuf subsequently appealed the order! The country, MA, PhD Emeritus Professor, community Health and Epidemiology had sought dissociation of plaintiffs letter. Symeonides was ASUMA 's “ managing members. ” All of the teachers at All Saints University of... About UAB My fellow residents and attendings programs for their students along with one-on-one to... Commencement of a dissociated member has, subject to a degree, and decisive medical campus here the! Decline to second-guess the trial court 's discovery order, Chilana thereafter ceased sending checks Yusuf. The record does not provide for judicial dissociation under N.J.S.A authorized to checks. In any discernible way founding in 1868 were “ not in a building owned by Chilana will not take until... The proverbial battle of experts entered a corresponding final judgment dissociating plaintiffs from ASUMA.8, parties... The use of cookies in accordance with our clinical department Operating expenses, appellate Division June 12,,!

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